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Our history

Realmadrid.ru website has acted as the voice of our fan club, which was initially called Hala Real, renamed to Peña de Rusia later and Fondo Ruso now. The same group of people worked both on the website and the fan club, and pursued the goal for the fanclub to be recognized as official. That is why we never separate one from the other.


Brief biography of the website Realmadrid.ru and Fondo Ruso fan club:

1999 – Several Real Madrid fans from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, who met in the internet, decided to launch a website and a fan-club that would officially be recognized by  Real Madrid F.C.

17th March 2001 – Following 2 years of wandering at free web hosting services, Realmadrid.ru was finally created.

February 2003 – Realmadrid.ru had an exclusive interview with Vasiliy Utkin, famous Russian football commentator.

20110316-raul17th March 2003 – One of the most memorable events of those years – meeting with Raul! Many of those, who are reading this, must be overwhelmed with emotions now. Well, you are welcome!

2003 – A part of the website and fan-club team together with the main translator chose to take a different path and leave for an alternative website. Those were some interesting times for us without thranslator! We translated the news as best we could by our own efforts - from English, Spanish, using special programs and online dictionaries and trying to guess the meaning of sentences.

And what happened to the other website? As it turned out, their passion didn’t last long and very few people today remember that web page ever existed. However, it still has some news and free porn download suggestions on the main page.

2004 – The first fan club Charter was signed! The historical event took place on a February night at the kitchen of one of the club members in Saint Petersbutg, Dekabrists St., and was sealed by watching the match against Real Valladolid.

November 2004 – an organized trip to Kiev for an away game against Dinamo. The memorable welcoming of  the team at the airport, the refusal of Florentino to take a picture with a guy who had «Puta Barca» written on his t-shirt, the Olimpic Stadium, which was literally shaking, and the 2-2 draw with the goals of Raul and Figo.


August 2005 – troublous times. This time, the main team had to walk off due to reasons we wouldn’t like to disclose. Those, who visited the site that day, remember the unpleasant message instead of the news about their favorite football club.

November 2005 – that was when our lovely Halamadrid.ru, our home until May 2009, was created.


December 2006 – The second trip to Kiev. Another welcoming of the team at the airport with a personal chant dedicated to Mijatovic, jumping over the fences to see the training session of the team at the empty stadium, crazy night at some random bar and the match itself. It was cold and the team was losing 0-2 most of the match to be later saved by Ronaldo’s brace. That was a period when Roberto Carlos was the captain of the team while Miguel Torres was playing at the left wing. Good old days…

May 2007 – The latest gathering of the fan club. The far-reaching plans were announced which later proved to be … well, at least it was fun, as it always is.

Summer 2007 – the introduction of rating system on Halamadrid.ru. Whole lot of internet traffic was wasted discussing if this new thing is needed.


August 2007 – Russian Railways Cup. Another bright moment in the modern history of our fan club. Wonderful weather, great stadium, football, a lot of people in our sector, visual and sound support, the drum, the meeting with Ruud and awarding him the best player trophy according to our website. That was cool! Those of you who didn’t go with us… well… you are complete losers!

September 2008 – the match against Zenith in Saint Petersburg. We had been planning to make a really huge event out of it and had about 400 ticket requests. But the ticket prices were so high (150 euros each) only 70 people ended up watching the game at the stadium.


December 2008 – the collective trip to Minsk for the match against BATE. The best trip of our fan-club. With our friends from Bando Blanco Belaruso (now Uros Blancos) we had up to 400 people in total and had a huge blast at that stadium with banners, chants and great atmosphere.

January 2009 – The milestone for our fan-club. We regained the Realmadrid.ru domen.


July 2009  – The meeting with Ruben De La Red and presenting him a memorabilia.

May 2009 – The official opening of new old Realmadrid.ru

The 17th of March of 2011 – the 10 years anniversary of our website.

February 2012 – The team was to play against CSKA Moscow in 1/8 finals of the Champions League. With the help of our website the tickets were provided to all those who wanted to attend. That winter night in packed Luzhniki stadium we formed an ‘island’ of about 800 people.


A couple of hours before the match the legend of the club and Director of International Relations, Emilio Butrageño, Sports director, Migel Pardesa, and the member of Junta Directiva , Nicolas Martin Sans-Garcia, had a meeting with fans.

The 18th of March 2012 – The launch of Halamadrid.ru forum. Thus, both the websites, historically related to us, have been working as one.

Autumn 2013 – with the support and following the steps of Realmadrid.ru and Fondo Ruso more and more people in various cities gather to watch Real Madrid games together. Overall, almost 20 cities had the experience of match viewing parties by the end of the season.


26.10.2013 – The main date in the modern history of the website and Fondo Ruso, which officially opened its doors for everyone. It had been a long way, with a lot of delays, but we did it. As time shows, we did it with success.

23.01.2014 – Realmadrid.ru and Fondo Ruso members attended the basketball match between Madrid and CSKA Moscow. Almost 30 supporters formed the improvised visitors sector.


March 2014 – The fan club had been planning a trip to Madrid at the end of the season. So, it was decided to make a personal present for one of the players of Madrid. Jesé Rodriguez was singled out, who’d showed the right spirit during that season but ruptured his cruciate ligaments during the match against Schalke.

May 2014 – The trip to Madrid and attending the last match of the season against Español. It was expected that the team would still be fighting for the championship until the last match and we would see the win with our own eyes. We didn’t want to lose this kind of opportunity and even bought the tickets way earlier than necessary. However, the reality was different. Although the last match was not decisive, up to 50 people travelled to Madrid (Mainly from Russia, but also from ex USSR countries and a few Europeans) and we managed to provide the tickets and entertainment for all of them.


That was a fabulous weekend in Madrid, after which some went back home to old routine, while a group of 16 bold spirits stayed in Spain in order to travel to Lisbon and attend the Champions League final. 6 out of the 16 ended up watching the game at Estadio da Luz, while the rest had to witness the Decima win from the Madrid fan zone.


By the way, we couldn’t present our gift to Jesé personally, because he was recovering from his injury in his hometown, Las Palmas. However, the award has found its hero thanks to the press office of the club.

25.05.2014 – The highest attendance of the website was set. The day after winning La Decima, 40,000 people visited the website.

25.10.2014 – The anniversary of the fan club restart. At the present moment, it consists of more than 80 people, including some famous persons like football commentators, hosts, musicians and movie makers. Also, Madridistas in around 15-20 cities have match viewing parties with our support.

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