1 марта 2009, 14:18

. The dark side

It´s a fact that the light creates shadows. There weren´t heroes without villains.

This is not a list in order of importance… because no one of the following has any kind of interest further than could be used as an example of greed, envy and stupidity.


Luis Enrique. Filthy wanker

“Tassotti knew what he was doing” I´ts my favourite answer to whom ask me why I cheer for an italian player that broke Luis Enrique nose while he was a Real Madrid player in the spanish team that was robbed by Italy in the World Cup.

Yes, It´s true, Mauro Tassotti saw the future of luisenrique, his defection to barza and all the hate and rancor that he was going to have against Real Madrid all his poor life, and he just punched his elbow against luisenrique´s ugly face.

The story is very simple. Luisenrique wanted the club to pay him as much as Raul, and the president told him that he will be payed as Raúl when he did the same things as Raul did. No more, no less.

He signed a contract with barza still playing for Real Madrid, and since then he begun to play as bad as he could, waisting time until the end of his contract to end. A great example of proffesionality. Everything changed in his attitude when he begun playing for barza, as you can imagine.

Last game he played with barza in Bernabéu, we were loosing, and Luisenrique gets in the field for the last five minutes, it was only a provocation from barza to all the Madrid fans that were in the stadium, and a kind of reward to him for all the insults that had made against Madrid in all those years wearing the shitty barza shirt.

Well, the only time that he touched the ball, he stepped on it, and fell backwards.

It was a Real gift for all of us feel ninety thousand voices singing “idiot, iiiiiidioooot!”.


Sánchez Arminio

President of the spanish refferee´s commitee and right-hand of Villar, president of the spanish football federation.

This ugly kind of human being is Villar´s first follower, and his mission is to punish any refferee that don´t “create” at least one penalty against Real Madrid each game, or not seem very friendly with barza.



Former Ath Bilbao player and nowadays “Perpetuous Caesar of the Spanish Football Federation Empire”. It´s also famous for being the only president of a football federation in the world that can not be able to pronounce the word “Football” properly.

Three years ago, most of first and second division clubs wanted to destitute him, but it´s still in charge because Ath Bilbao and barza supported him, so he thanks this two teams in all the ways he can every season.


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